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The 3 Reasons Why Marriages Fail

Why Marriages Fail Martin Lowy, a personal budget coach for over 45 years is certain he knows why so many marriages fail (40 to 50 percent for first marriages and even higher for subsequent marriages, from The Encyclopedia of Psychology).

As a budget coach and lecturer on personal money management he talks to many couples who are puzzled and often frustrated by the fact that they consider themselves very skillful at most everything they undertake but they just can’t seem to get their finances under control, even though they have good incomes.   Lowy says the problem is threefold. First, most people never received any financial literacy training in school or at home and as a result develop very bad money management habits; secondly, more times than not, both spouses come to the marriage with very divergent attitudes towards money and they never blend their differences into a unified approach to managing the  family’s money; third, everything around them is geared to encourage them to spend!, spend!, spend! and without a budget to guide them, they will overspend without any awareness of future needs. Couples and their children should not have to endure the stress of a financially dysfunctional family when with just a little coaching and an easy to follow budget, “life would work better”.

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