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A Personal Note From Your Budget Coaches

When Mimi and I married, we worked very hard to develop a budgeting
and money management system that would be both uncomplicated and easy to maintain. We also wanted a system that would help keep us on the path to our long-term goals, without causing stress or sleepless nights.
Our approach to living on a budget worked so well for us that we felt compelled to share our methodology with others. Clients will tell you the #1 thing that stands out about our system is that you no longer have to argue about money. Arguing about money is the number one cause of divorce and lawyers being able to buy new BMW’s.

As I developed my accounting practice, I found that most accountants, advisors and planners  shied away from providing budgeting and money management coaching services. However, because of our own personal success in this area, we embraced these services;  coaching newlyweds to seniors how to get their personal finances on track by utilizing the money management approach my wife and I developed. It was extremely gratifying to see the end results.
After 35 years, I sold my accounting and tax practice to devote more time helping families get their personal finances back on track and newlyweds get their financial life started off in the right direction. To meet these objectives, we established to provide clients with a confidential budget coaching service via telephone and online contact. now allows clients anywhere in the country to be conveniently coached by us. We also still maintain a physical office on, believe it or not, Prosperous Drive in Harrisburg, PA for those desiring face to face guidance.

If you do not have the discipline to save for the future, even though your income is high enough to do so, you owe it to yourself and your family to find out how Your Budget Coach can make the difference. Call or email us today to schedule a no cost initial telephone conversation with Marty or Mimi Lowy and discuss your individual situation. Call (717) 525-8220, you will be glad you did.

We are always mindful of your expectation for total confidentiality; having served high profile clients since 1974.   Contact us today. You will be glad you did. Call (717) 525-8220 (Eastern Time Zone)

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