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A Budget, Not Viagra is the Best Prescription for Sexual Dysfunction

"You don’t need Viagra or Cialis; all you need a budget", says Martin Lowy, a personal budget coach for over 45 years. He points to research by WEB MD and studies like those by the International Journal of Impotence Research that indicates that chaotic personal money management is often the contributing cause of the STRESS and ANXIETY associated with sexual dysfunction, a problem that actually affects more women than men according to a study in The Journal of The American Medical Society. However, Lowy says that his feedback from male and female clients clearly indicates that when stress and anxiety is reduced by having a budget, things seem to work better in the bedroom. Unfortunately, the medical professional hasn’t yet figured out the best remedy for sexual dysfunction:  an easy to follow budget and not  Viagra or Cialis. Martin Lowy is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania but is easily able to serve clients nationwide via the web.

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