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Marriage Insurance: The #1 Secret to a Happy Marriage

Martin Lowy and his wife Mimi are family budget coaches with over 45 years of experience and believe they have the secret to protect couples from the number one cause of divorce: money management issues. They call their solution to the problem “marriage insurance”. They say we all insure our homes, our cars, and even our lives, so why not our marriage? So exactly what is marriage insurance? They will tell you it’s an easy to follow variation of the basic family budget, something most couples never attempt to prepare and just live with the often unfortunate consequences: divorce!  Mimi Lowy states that her own personal life experience and those of clients has proven that “life works better on a budget” and you don’t have to end up helping a divorce attorney pay for a new BMW.  Martin Lowy explains that having a budget enhances the couple’s communications skills and the ability to work together; two additional issues, the lack of which, often also leads to divorce. Martin says he hates to keep bringing up the word divorce but with a 40-50 percent divorce rate for first marriages and even higher percentages for subsequent marriages, every couple should be eager to insure the success of their marriage with a budget and some budget coaching.

Martin and Mimi Lowy are located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania but have developed the capability to service clients nationwide via the web.

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